eBay – How has it taken me so long?

Well, I’ve started blogging and tweeting and just today I set up my Ebay account for the first time. I am truly now part of the 21St century. Though, being unaccustomed to Ebay’s culture, I have had my first bout of bidding rage. Yelling something along the lines of “I just want to buy something! Why do these people keep stealing my purchases?!” throughout the house, met with chuckling from my girlfriend who is, undoubtedly, an Ebay veteran. Not a day goes by without some mysterious package arriving in our post box.

Well, now it’s my turn. If I can stop being outbid.


2 responses to “eBay – How has it taken me so long?

  1. Ebay is like crack…. With some hangovers too. But overall, I found some of my cherish vintage toys on it…. And the thrill of receiving your packages… I totally get you.

  2. Nope, that’s three attempts now and I’ve been outbid every time. I think I might just stick with Amazon. I don’t like fighting with other people in order to buy something, I don’t do this when I go grocery shopping. (Although it’s tempting. Old women meandering around the aisles at a snail’s pace looking at nothing in particular, I’m talking about you.)

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