Electronic Cigarettes – Do they work?

I’ve been a smoker for nearly ten years. Ten years! As I contemplated this fact, I decided I needed to take steps to get myself off this crap. Having zero willpower and having tried nicotine patches and gum before, I wanted to try a new approach. Not to mention that when I stopped smoking previously, I constantly felt like I wanted to injure people if they pissed me off, which was often back then.

Not long after I made my decision to quit, my brother showed me this interesting new device:

ego-w electronic cigarette;It’s called an Ego W Cartomizer. Or, generically, an E – Cigarette. Liquid is dropped into the upper cartridge – or cartomizer – and then the battery heats up coils in the cartridge to create a vapour. What this does is gives the user the sensation of smoking, but providing only nicotine vapour to dull the cravings. The advantage to this is that there is no tar, cyanide or any of the other pretty gross chemicals found in cigarettes and rolling tobacco.

There are all kinds of makes and models of these things, and I’ve found it a little difficult to get started as it seems the technology behind this gadget is evolving at a fast pace.

There are still medical arguments as to the health benefits of using E – Cigarettes instead of smoking normally. I have personally found it to be really useful. Apart from my recent trip to Amsterdam, I haven’t smoked in five weeks.

I’m not sure of whether it’s healthier or not, but it’s nice not smelling of cigarettes. It’s nice not to get nicotine stains on my fingers or teeth. And it’s awesome because I can now smoke inside while I’m blogging instead of having to stand outside in this forbidding, cruel English climate.

So the final verdict from me is this, I haven’t smoked a cigarette in weeks and I don’t feel any worse for it. The plan for me now is to gradually decrease the amount of nicotine concentrate until I reach zero. Then I’ll put it down for good. Until then, I’ll continue to vape as opposed to smoke, because it does feel better not to be smoking.


4 responses to “Electronic Cigarettes – Do they work?

    • Nope, but I did try Cream Soda once, though I only did that to chase the line of popping candy I did when I was high on mescaline. Ah, junior school.

    • I’m currently vaping strawberry, cherry and vanilla. Not at the same time, though! Different cartomizers for different e-liquids.

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