Treatment for Skin Cancer vs. Football

I was just listening to the radio, and there was a quick news round-up. The presenter flatly announced that a new drug to treat skin cancer has passed clinical trials, and it can extend lives in cases that were deemed inoperable. He provided no further details than that. I kind of thought that would be big news. Anyway, he quickly moved on to spend five minutes talking about who scored against who in the football. He went into the details of player transfers and an interview with a coach of some team or another.

I wish this country would get its priorities right!

Should we ever find the secret of eternal life, the report would probably go something like this:

“Scientists have found the secret of eternal life, a study found today. The new drug called Ultralife is almost 100% effective in providing immortality. In other news, Manchester United have a new mascot after the controversial change of nickname from the Red Devils to the Red Monkeys. We go live to the stadium for an exclusive interview with Bucky, the red monkey. Then, after the break we’ll have a debate about whether the mascot change will benefit the club, and what fans have to say about it.”